New 3M Collection: Silver Metallic Finish

Clean, modern and urban. Our unisex 3M line features anti scratch silver metallic finish and black vegan leather. Water resistant and easy to wipe clean.  Designed in the US and manufactured to high quality standards. You’ll stand out wherever in the world you decide to travel.

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Reflective Luggage Set
Regular price $663 $236
    3M Reflective Vest
    Regular price $265
      3M Grey Mini Fanny
      Regular price $140
        Grey Reflective Duo Crossbody Bag
        Regular price $148
          Grey Reflective Belt Bag
          Regular price $118 $89
            Reflective Sling Bag, Leg Bag, Thigh Bag
            Regular price $155
              Grey Fridge Reflective Duffle
              Regular price $221
                Reflective Backpack
                Regular price $221
                  3M Grey BFF Backpack
                  Regular price $192

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