How Do I Measure a Laptop for a Bag?

We know the feeling. You found a super cute bag online, but you want to make sure your laptop fits inside. Sure they list measurements, but what do they mean? The last thing you want to do is buy a laptop bag that doesn’t actually fit your laptop.

The best way to ensure you get the right-sized bag is to learn how to measure a laptop for a bag. After this article, you’ll find the perfect bag online!


How Do I Measure a Laptop for a Bag

Laptop Size Refers to Screen Size

If you have a 13.3” Macbook Pro, it can be easy to assume that the measurement listed is the size of the laptop. But that isn’t actually the case. The number they use refers to the size of the laptop screen, not the width. 

I know, it’s confusing. Maybe a comparison would help. Here are three different laptops with the same screen size:

  • A 13.3” Macbook Pro has a width of 11.97”
  • A 13.3” Lenovo ThinkPad X295 has a 12.28” width
  • A 13” Dell Inspiron has a 12.75” width

You can see that the measurements they list don’t necessarily indicate the actual laptop width. To measure a laptop screen, simply use measuring tape and lay it diagonally from the bottom left to the top right of the laptop screen. Remember that the bezel isn’t included in the measurement, which is the groove casing around the screen.

Laptop measurements are often measured in inches, but some retailers measure them in centimeters. Some common laptop sizes are:

  • 29.46cm/ 11.6”
  • 30.73cm/ 12.1”
  • 33.78cm/ 13.3”
  • 35.56cm/ 14”
  • 38.1cm/ 15”
  • 39.62cm/ 15.6”
  • 43.18cm/ 17”

The screen size you measure is the listed laptop size.


How to Measure Laptop Dimensions

How to Measure Laptop Dimensions

Now you know how the retailers measure your laptop, you can learn how to measure a laptop for a bag! You need the laptop dimensions to order a bag that’s the right fit for your laptop.

Laptop measurements are listed in inches. They show the measurements as the width x height x depth.

  • Measure the Width

  • Start with the laptop width. To get the correct width, place the measuring tape horizontally across the laptop from the left to the right. This measurement in inches is the width of the laptop.

  • Measure the Depth

  • The depth will be the smallest measurement. Place it vertically on your closed laptop from top to bottom. The measurement in inches is the depth of your laptop.

  • Measure the Height

  • To get the correct laptop height, close your laptop and measure from the bottom to the top. The measurement in inches is the height of your laptop.


    Now you know how to measure a laptop for a bag! This gives you the correct information to get your laptop bag.

    Measure the Height

    How to Use Your Knowledge to Buy Online

    This is the fun part. Now you can start shopping! 

    When you’re looking for a laptop case, take into account the width, depth, and height dimensions. You don’t want something too small, but you don’t want a laptop case that’s too big either. A laptop that’s sliding around in a case that’s too big isn’t well protected.

    You need two things for a good laptop bag:

    • A snug fit- Your laptop shouldn’t move too much in the bag.
    • A padded compartment- Imagine constantly picking up and putting down the laptop bag. You need a little protection in the bag to absorb the shock and cushion your laptop. It’s also helpful to find a laptop bag with a padded bottom that acts as a cushion as it hits the ground.

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    How to Use Your Knowledge to Buy Online

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    How to Use Your Knowledge to Buy Online
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